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12 Components of A Successful Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is where you take a great leap in your life. It is where you’ll officially be declared married, and it happens just before your reception.

So many different things must come together for a wedding to be truly successful, and if this is your first time, it can be a little confusing on what you’re expected to do.

That’s why EK Event Group has decided to give you a rundown of what you need to know. It’ll help you stay prepared for an auspicious wedding ceremony.

· The Wedding March

Here comes the bride! The wedding march traditionally starts with the groom and the officiant waiting at the altar. The groomsmen and the bridesmaids walk the aisle first, followed by the maid of honor. Next are the ring bearer and the flower girl. The bride and whoever is giving her away walk the aisle last.

· The Welcome

This is done by the wedding officiant who calls together everyone present and welcomes them to the event. They also explain the reason for the gathering and give other relevant information.

· The Declaration of Intent

This is where you both declare and accept your intention to marry each other when asked by the officiant. It is where you’ll say “I do” to each other. The law requires it too, of course.

· The Giveaway

In a traditional wedding, the person giving away the bride is also asked by the officiant to give their blessing to the union. The officiant also requires their consent for the marriage to proceed which they offer by saying “I do”.

· The Readings

This is when the bible passages, poems, or whatever else the couple has planned are read. They are usually things that encourage and are meant to guide the couple on their new journey together.

· The Wedding Vows

The vows are when you get to make sincere promises to each other. You can have traditional vows or personalize your vows.

· The Ring Exchange and Explanation

In this part of the wedding ceremony, the reason for rings is explained, and the couple then exchanges the rings.

· The Pronouncement

This is another legal part of your wedding. It is when the officiant officially pronounces you both married.

· The Kiss

The kiss symbolizes the sealing of all the promises that you made during your wedding ceremony. In our opinion, it’s the best part of the proceedings!

· The Benediction

This is where the officiant speaks the closing blessing.

· The Presentation

This is the moment when you’ll first be introduced as a married couple.

· The Recessional

This brings your ceremony to a close, and the wedding party exits the venue in the reverse order they entered.

Here at EK Event Group, we handle all the entertainment needs of your wedding. Music? Check. Entertainment? Check. Fun? Most definitely!

With EK Event Group, your wedding is going to be an event for the ages! Give us a call today It's All About The Experience

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