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Wedding Production

Today's wedding is designed with great lighting and event production.  We offer some of the very best and unique DJ displays and enhancements to your music package.

Wedding DJ Set ups and Production

The wedding DJ set up has come along way.  We offer some very unique pieces and can customize to your color and vision .

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Wedding Photo Booths

We offer many different style of photo booths

for your celebration. From a simple Led Strolling Booth, The Magic Mirror and The New Hedge Wall.  We have a photo solution for your budget and style.

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Wedding Entrance Special Efx Sparkular

Light up the night and your grand entrance with 

Star Shot (Sparkulars). If you are looking to add a WOW factor this is it.

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Sweet Heart Tables

Wedding Decor Sweatheart Tables

The lounge and decor department can design a beautiful and modern stage setup.  Many choices of chairs, staging, and table design. 

Video Mapping

Wedding Cake Video Mapping

New technology is allowing us to create a custom wedding cakes, monograms, or dance floor areas.

 We utilize high powered video projectors

 to display stunning video graphics.  

This is designed with our couples in mind. 

Specialty Entertainment


Add a little entertainment to your cocktail hour

or maybe a floating champagne table. We can design anything you may dream of.

Dance Floors

White Dance Floors For Weddings

If you are looking to add an element of wow into your main room decor, than an all white or star light dance floor is what you need. 

Dance in The Clouds

WEdding Extras Dancing On The Clouds

This a wonderful effect that we can bring to your celebration.  Our couple has just been introduce and they are flying high.  So let's dance in the clouds.


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Custom Gobos

Wedding Gobos Monagrams

Custom monograms are projected  onto the dance floors or the walls of the venue.  Offering a very nice branding experience. 

LED DJ Display

dj console.jpg

It's all about the entertainment and the music. We bring the DJ our in front for a cool interactive experience with your guests. 

Live Music


May I have the combo! Spice up the entertainment package with a sax, percussion or singer for an added element of entertainment. 

LED Video Walls

LED video Walls FRO Wedding Entertainment New york

This is a show stopper at anyone's event.  the video wall is 9 feet x 16 feet and is used to display montages, pictures and ambient graphics through the night.

Automated Lighting


With the use of this lighting we are able to frame those special moments, like your first dance or Grand Entrance. Wedding lighting is an absolutely crucial design element that should never be skipped or ignored.

 2 - 8 Fixture packages available.  

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